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  • R2 Real Estate Investment & Development is a real estate development company in Liberia with offices in Minnesota USA. We specialize in helping Liberians in the diaspora build their dream homes in Liberia by managing the entire process and ensuring quality.
  • We understand the difficulty many Liberians have experienced sending money home to families to build properties only to find out no house was built after years of hard work. We promise those days are over and you can now build your home with the outmost peace of mind knowing your home is being build according to how you imagined it by quality builders using high standards, equipment and materials.
  • Contact us today and one of our local real estate agents will help you understand why we are your best choice for building your home in Liberia.
Customer First

Our customers come first. We are constantly striving to ensure your are satisfied and happy. efficitur felis.

Quality First

Our customers come first. We do not use cheap materials in your home. We want you to enjoy the standards and quality you enjoy in your home in the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia.

The team
Michael Z Rennie

CEO | Rennie Corporation

Sabastian Acquoi

General Manager | R2 Real Estate
Investment & Development

Jane Doe

Construction Manager | R2 Real Estate
Investment & Development



100% Guarantee

We provide 100% guarantee. We build in stages and each stage will be build to your satisfaction before we move to the next stage.Not only are you competing with bids, but you’re also competing with your competitors’ marketing and how they present themselves online. efficitur felis.

Our Process

Our process is very simple.

  • Fill up our contact form on our website.
  • You will be put in touch with our local real estate agent in your state.
  • He/she will set an appointment and interview you.
  • He/she will register you in our system and submit your home construction project requirements to our construction project manager.
  • Construction Project Manager will consult with our construction companies to submit design and construction bids to your project.
  • You chose which design you like, make initial payment and the construction of your dream home begins.
  • We send your weekly videos and pictures of work on your property with a complete walkthrough to show the quality and accuracy of the work being done.
  • Your have to approve each stage before we move to the next stage.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does your program work?

When you sign up with our program, we design your home divide the entire construction into stages (Foundation, Window Level, Roof Level, etc.). As we complete each level, we get full approval from you before moving on to the next state. You also pay per stage. You can choose to pay for the entire stage at the beginning or monthly. How ever you chose we build base on the payments you provide.

Do your provide loans to home builders?

No we do not provide mortgages.

Do you sell land?

No we do not sell land. You must provide your own land and we do not take responsibility to verify if your land is not resold to another person. If you provide us copy of the deed to your land and instruction us to begin building, we will and any legal issues with regards to land ownership is your responsibility.

How long does the process take?

Well it all depends on you. You set the payment frequency and terms per stage and we build when you make payments.

Why should I trust your company?

We are a registered and insured in the USA. We work with reputable local real estate agents. We do our outmost best to provide weekly proof that your home is being build and you are free to visit or send and inspector to the site anytime to verify our videos and pictures.